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Carbon Footprint Facts in brief...

There has been a huge amount written about Global Warming and how it is effecting our lives now and what might happen in the future. Some of the Superpowers are using their political muscle to promote the reduction of Greenhouse Gases and others to oppose it for whatever reasons. The fact is that the actions of the human race are damaging the earth in many ways.

Your Carbon Footprint is a measure of how your domestic and social activities are affecting the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases you produce per year, measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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What we do will not be significant in World Terms but reducing our carbon emissions and offsetting the remainder of our Carbon Footprint is a proactive way of helping the world. We are planting woodlands and growing Bio Fuels to offset our Carbon Footprint  plus we have Offsets available for you to buy to offset your Carbon Footprint. Our joint actions will also make other people aware of the effects of their actions.

 Human activity increases the greenhouse effect primarily through release of carbon dioxide, but human influences on other greenhouse gases can also be important.

Some of the main sources of greenhouse gases due to human activity include: burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leading to higher carbon dioxide concentrations; livestock and paddy rice farming, land use and wetland changes, pipeline losses, and covered vented landfill emissions leading to higher methane atmospheric concentrations. Many of the newer style fully vented septic systems that enhance and target the fermentation process also are major sources of atmospheric methane; use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in refrigeration systems, and use of CFCs and halons in fire suppression systems and manufacturing processes. agricultural activities, including the use of fertilizers, that lead to higher nitrous oxide concentrations.

The seven sources of COČ from fossil fuel combustion are (with percentage contributions for 2000-2004:

Solid fuels (e.g. coal): 35%
Liquid fuels (e.g. petrol): 36%
Gaseous fuels (e.g. natural gas): 20%
Flaring gas industrially and at wells: <1%
Cement production: 3% Non-fuel hydrocarbons: <1%
The "international bunkers" of shipping and air transport not included in national inventories: 4%

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The criteria for our Carbon Footprint Calculator are taken from the
 DEFRA Guideline on Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors and
The Carbon Trust Energy and Carbon Conversions

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