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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is a way of reducing your impact on Global Warming by investing in projects that are verified and actively producing renewable energy in the third world, or planting new forestry in the UK.

Many brains around the world have worked hard the illustrate the dangers of our current actions and we must act now.

Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator to establish your Carbon Footprint!

Once you have established your Carbon Footprint you should have some idea of the impact that you, your family or your businesses are having on the environment in units of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emitted.
You can offset some or all of those emissions through our Carbon Offsetting Projects.

Carbon Earth™ has two project sectors :-
Renewable Energy Projects based in the Third World and vital to producing Renewable Energy in developing countries and reducing the need to use fossil fuels.

Woodland Projects give you a way to return something to the UK. We are planting large numbers of traditional protected broadleaf trees in order absorb Carbon Dioxide through sequestration throughout their lives.
Whether you sponsor one Tree, Ten Trees or Twenty Trees you are taking part in a project which, over the next eight or nine decades, will absorb many tonnes of Carbon Dioxide CO2 which in turn will extract the carbon and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere. Plus it will give vital habitat to wildlife and access to you and the public to enjoy.

The more trees you sponsor, the more we will plant.

An average carbon footprint per person in the UK is about 11 tonnes. If you wish, you can offset some or all of your emissions here. EVERY BIT HELPS!

Order your Trees and Carbon Offsets here

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All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Sponsor or Give a Tree   Info!  for 9.50 each  Trees.    Cost 
Buy your CO2 Offset   Info!  for 11.50 per tonne Tonnes.   Cost 


The numbers below have come from the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Cost per Tonne of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Offset - 11.50 inc. VAT.

Your Domestic Emissions Tonnes. Cost 
Your Road Travel Emissions Tonnes. Cost 
Your Air Travel Emissions Tonnes. Cost 
Total CO2 emissions from the Calculator Tonnes. Cost 

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