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Geo Thermal Heat Pumps - Facts in brief...

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Heat Pumps

What we do
We supply and install a range of renewable technologies including heat pumps for domestic and commercial buildings.
Ground Source Heat Pumps - On average you can save 400 - 800 on your heating bills and 2 - 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. (Energy Saving Trust)

How it works

A ground source heat pump takes low level heat occurring naturally underground and converts it to high-grade heat using an electrically driven heat pump. This can then be used to heat spaces in a building. If reversed it can provide air-cooling.
The heat is collected through underground pipes laid 1-2 metres below the surface, or in boreholes, depending on the available space. A closed system of re-circulated water collects the heat from the ground and delivers it to the heat pump where it is re-distributed into the required building, often as under floor heating.


A typical 6 - 8kW system costs 7,300 - 11,800 (not including the price of distribution system). This can vary with property and location.

Site Suitability

Ground source heat pumps are best suited to new-build projects, but can be specified for certain existing buildings.
Heat pumps come in varying sizes, from a 5-10 kW unit to suit a range of buildings from heating a small office, up to a many hundred kW unit fitted to heat and cool a multi storey office block.


The BERR funded low carbon buildings programme offers grants to help with the costs of installing a ground source heat pump, with up to 2,500 available for domestic properties. Grants are also available for non-profit community projects and schools.

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