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carbon offsets and offsetting
Renewable Energy
Carbon Offsets -
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Offset some or all of your emissions through our genuine offsetting schemes ..more...
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Our Woodland Projects
Many thousands of trees in Shropshire..more...
carbon quota trading
Carbon Quota & Trading
Verified offsets via EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) more...

Green Compost - The Facts...

The EU Landfill Directive is driving local authorities to reduce biodegradable waste input into landfill in order to minimise methane emissions (a potent greenhouse gas). Furthermore, the EU and UK Governments have set stringent recycling targets for municipal waste. By extracting Green Waste (Garden / Park Waste) from the waste stream, not only does it reduce biodegradable waste inputs to landfill, but also qualifies as a contributor to meeting Local Authority recycling targets.

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Agripost - Suppliers of Green Sustainable Compost

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