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Plant or Give a Tree in 2013!

A very special present.
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Green Offsetting Projects

We have decided upon a very attractive project in Cardeston just a few miles south of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, where we are planting some 20,000 Natural Broadleaved Trees.

This block of woodland is at a position 05241.8N - 00253.6'W and is adjacent to an existing old woodland named Cardeston Old Wood (COW for short!).  It consists of a selection of Oaks, Ash, Cherry and Beech being the main trees to produce the canopy of leaves for carbon dioxide absorption (Info! Sequestration). The woodland has access to the public with rides and tracks and additional areas are being planted up with Hawthorn, Rowan and Silver Birch to encourage birds and wildlife.

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In all, a block of woodland designed the be enjoyable but more importantly to absorb as much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as possible . We are planting at a rate of 1000 trees per acre so that a complete canopy is produced within a few years. The mixture of trees is designed to absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at a rate in excess of 800 tonnes per acre over the next seventy to one hundred years. Throughout the growing cycle of the canopy some trees will need to be taken out  to allow the stronger trees to grow in order to maintain a complete canopy of leaves for optimum sequestration.

CC is Clair's Coppice
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Plan of Clair's Coppice

Whether you sponsor one Tree, Ten Trees or Twenty Trees you are taking part in a project which, over the next eight or nine decades, will absorb many tonnes of Carbon Dioxide CO2 which in turn will extract the carbon and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere. Plus it will give vital habitat to wildlife and access to you and the public to enjoy.

Your  tree, or block of trees, will have it's own Unique GPS Co-ordinate (Global Positioning System). You will receive a certificate Sample Gift or Offset Certificate or showing your sponsorship and it's co-ordinates. So, if you are in the area and want to visit the woodland you can go to those co-ordinates by using your hand held 'Sat Nav' and see for yourself.

The planting and woodland management is overseen by a well known independent company of land agents, Berry Bros www.berrybros.com. They are there to ensure that the trees planted and maintained for optimum performance.

In all, it will be an asset for generations to come, it will help the wildlife and more importantly 'THE WORLD'

Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator to establish your Carbon Footprint!

When you consider that the typical British carbon footprint is 10.92 tonnes per person (Environment Agency) and we need to reduce that by 20% by 2012 and 60% by 2050 we have got a lot to do.

If you wish, you can offset some or all of your emissions here or just sponsor a tree.


The more trees you choose to sponsor,
The more trees we will plant.

To Order your Carbon Offsets

There are 3 ways to sponsor your trees.

1. Go to Carbon Footprint Calculator and follow the calculator through to it's conclusion.
2. If you know what you want please click here Carbon Offset.
If you need to speak to someone please click here. Contact Us

Thank you.

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