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The Guardian 28th September 2012

 Why is Labour so quiet on green issues?
With melting sea ice, extreme weather and continued warnings from leading scientists on the need to tackle climate change, it beggars belief that the coalition government persists in pushing though policies that will increase the nation's reliance on dirty and increasingly expensive fossil fuels. Posted by Craig Bennett Friday 28 September 2012.

The Guardian 3rd June 2011

 The Guardian Ecostore
Featuring a huge selection of fair trade, organic and eco-friendly products. Browse and buy hundreds of eco-friendly and ethical gifts, organic and fair trade groceries, and innovative, energy-saving electronics for home and for travel. The Guardian, 3rd June 2011

The Observer 16th January 2011

 Green giants: the eco power list
We all agree that the planet is in a perilous position. But what is the best way to save it? We name the 20 activists, filmmakers, writers, politicians and celebrities who will be setting the global environmental agenda in the coming year - Lucy Siegle The Observer, Sunday 16 January 2011

The Guardian 30th September 2010

 Royal Society's climate change guide cuts confusion out of the hard scienc
UK's 'definitive voice of science' hopes guide will counter confusion and bogus claims about man-made global warming. Royal Society's climate change guide cuts confusion out of the hard science. Duncan Clark guardian.co.uk, Thursday 30 September 2010 00.01 BST

The Guardian 23 June 2010

 Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems clash over environment policies
Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems clash over environment policies as Barack Obama's rating dropsBarack Obama administration appeals court ruling blocking six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling in the US. Guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 June 2010 07.23 BST

The Guardian 22 April 2010

 Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems clash over environment policies
Ed Miliband accuses Lib Dems of 'ducking' difficult issues at special debate organised by Guardian Juliette Jowit The Guardian, Thursday 22 April 2010

The Guardian 8th March 2010

 UK import emissions are the highest in Europe,
Study finds 253m tonnes of CO2 are released annually in the manufacture of products bound for UK shores - mostly in the developing world Ian Sample, science correspondent The Guardian, Monday 8 March 2010 20.00 GMT

The Guardian 14th January 2010

 Is gritting the roads bad for the environment?
Where do all those thousands of tonnes of rock salt end up? And is the salt bad for animals and plants? Leo Hickman The Guardian, Thursday 14 January 2010 Article history

The Guardian 1st December 2009

 Prince Charles to attend Copenhagen climate change summit
Prince of Wales invited to address UN summit and expected to lobby for measures to reduce deforestation
John Vidal, environment editor The Guardian, Tuesday 1 December 2009 18.26 GMT

The Guardian 1st September 2009

 Public figures and business sign up to 10:10 climate campaign
Unprecedented coalition commits to slashing carbon emissions as part of drive to tackle global warming David Adam, environment correspondent The Guardian, Tuesday 1 September 2009

The Guardian 16th July 2009

 Four ecotowns given the green light
Towns to tackle Britain's housing shortage while minimising damage to the environment by showcasing energy efficient homes and green transport - Alok Jha, green technology correspondent guardian.co.uk, Thursday 16 July 2009 16.15 BST

The Guardian 7th June 2009

 What is climate change and why should we be concerned about it?
The Guardian Sunday 7th June 2009 17.01 BST - David Adam explains...The Earth's climate has always varied, so the term climate change is now generally used to describe the changes caused by human activity -

The Guardian 26th April 2009

 Winds of change blow for offshore power operators
The Guardian 26th April 2009 - It's official: it's getting windier down south. This unexpected quirk of climate change has given a much needed boost to offshore wind-farm developers.

The Telegraph 10th March 2009

Climate change must be tackled before global poverty, says Prince Charles ...
10/03/2009 | By Andrew Alderson in Santiago | The Telegraph. The Prince of Wales has delivered a fierce attack on those who doubt climate change and said it must be tackled before world poverty.

The Telegraph 28th January 2009

Policy of shipping recyclable waste to China needs reviewing, say ...
28/01/2009 | By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent | earth The shipping of recyclable material to China should be reviewed amid fears recycling could be adding to global warming rather than reducing it, experts claimed.

The Times 7th January 2009

It's lights out for the light bulb
The incandescent light bulb is a significant victory in the battle to save the planet - and who but the most irresponsible of climate-change refuseniks would dare object. Nevertheless, the victorious may find getting dressed in their hair-shirts in the..... 07 January 2009 The Times

The Times 30th January 2008

Green issues matter for holidaymakers
Steve Hawkes 30 January 2008 The Times Before booking breaks
Britons are demanding that holiday companies take a responsible approach to the environment.

The Guardian 5th November 2008

Time to go against the grain
Graham Harvey The Guardian, Wednesday November 5 2008 Oil-dependent production of cereal crops could be replaced by a traditional method of farming that is cheaper, greener and safer

The Daily Telegraph 29th September 2008

Tidal power scheme to launch in Scotland
By Paul Eccleston Last Updated: 12:01am BST 29/09/2008 An experimental tidal power scheme is to be launched in Scotland. British technology powers revolutionary wave power project in Portugal British company to build world's largest tidal power scheme Tidal power fuels Britain's National Grid

The Daily Telegraph 31st August 2008

Green arrow symbol does not always point to recycling
31/08/2008 05:03PM BST | By Jessica Salter that regulates the use of the trademark in the UK, states on its website: "The UK Green Dot is not a recycling symbol."In a letter sent to Andrew George, a Liberal Democrat MP who has raised the issue of the Green Dot in Parliament, Valpak's Chief Executive, ..

The Daily Telegraph 7th August 2008

'British temperature 'could rise by up to 7F'
07/08/2008 01:41AM BST | By Laura Clout British temperature 'could rise by up to 7F'. Professor Bob Watson said the country would have to change its policy on flood protection, agriculture and coastal erosion to meet the threat.Prof Watson, the chief scientific adviser to the Department for ...

The Daily Telegraph 15th july 2008

White House buries climate change deaths report
15/07/2008 00:30PM BST
White House buries climate change deaths report. The White House buried a report prepared by US government scientists which detailed a rising death toll from heat waves, fires, disease and smog they predicted would be caused by global warming. Environmental ...read

The Daily Telegraph 8th july 2008

G8 to halve emissions by 2050
08/07/2008 10:51AM BST | David Blair in Rusutsu, Hokkaido Island and Paul Eccleston G8 to halve emissions by 2050. The world's eight richest nations reached a landmark deal on climate change today, pledging to cut carbon emissions by "at least 50 per cent" by 2050. G8 summit: Bob Geldof urges world leaders to honour aid promise to poor ...read

The Daily Telegraph 26th June 2008

'Gordon Brown vows to drive out fossil fuels'
26/06/2008 10:30AM BST | Paul Eccleston on adopting a new strategy for weaning Britain off oil. Producing energy from home-grown natural sources would also tackle climate change, improve energy security, create jobs and stimulate business. His speech came as Lord Stern, who called on the world ...read

The Daily Telegraph 11th June 2008

'All tree leaves have 'thermostat' that maintains temperature'
11/06/2008 06:01PM BST | Roger Highfield, Science Editor of these leaves is crucial to accurate predictions of future climate scenarios. The research contradicts the longstanding assumption that temperature in a healthy leaf are coupled to ambient air conditions. For decades, scientists studying climate change ...read

The Daily Telegraph 10th June 2008

'Millions at risk from food and water shortages'
10/06/2008 03:01AM BST | Paul Eccleston -  coming years, they will be aggravated by rising populations, and climate change. These threats must be properly assessed and solutions identified if we are to avoid costly mistakes from investing in technologies and infrastructure that do not take climate ...read

The Daily Telegraph 28th May 2008

'Climate change target is too low, say scientists '
28/05/2008 11:54PM BST | By Daily Telegraph Reporter -  Climate change target is too low, say scientists. Researchers said that the belief among political leaders that it was possible to find ways to fully avoid the serious threats of global warming was "false optimism".The current food crisis, as a result ...read

The Daily Telegraph 8th May 2008

'£1.6bn must be spent on climate change'
08/05/2008 00:01AM BST | Paul Eccleston £1.6bn must be spent on climate change'. The government has been warned that it must spend all of a £1.6bn windfall on new technology to combat climate change. Biofuel crops 'increase carbon emissions' Poor hit hardest by climate change, says report ...read

The Daily Telegraph 29th April 2008

'Climate change will hit vulnerable children'
29/04/2008 00:01AM BST | Paul Eccleston Climate change will hit vulnerable children'. The world's poorest and most vulnerable children are being hit hardest by climate change, according to UNICEF. Minorities 'hardest hit' by climate change Poor hit hardest by climate change, says report '1bn ...read

The Daily Telegraph 16th April 2008

'Climate change scientists 'underestimating impact on sea levels'
16/04/2008 Paul Eccleston Climate change scientists 'underestimating impact on sea levels'. Sea levels could rise much more dramatically than previously thought affecting millions of people, scientists have warned. Everyone will lose from climate change, says IPCC The rise could ...read

The Daily Telegraph 10th April 2008

'Climate experts predict temperature drop'
10/04/2008 02:00PM  Paul Eccleston Climate experts are forecasting a drop in global temperatures this year. 'IPCC seriously underplays climate change' 'Climate change: adapt to it, don't fight it' Climate change 'will spark global conflict'.

The Daily Telegraph 3rd April 2008

'IPCC seriously underplays climate change'
03/04/2008  Paul Eccleston
IPCC seriously underplays climate change'. The UN body which won the Nobel prize for warning the world about climate change has seriously underplayed the problem, leading scientists say today. 'Climate change: adapt to it, don't fight it' New security ...read

EurActiv.com 27th March 2008

France and UK to step up nuclear co-operation
A two-day bilateral summit is to culminate today (27 March) with the signing of a new accord that will see France help the UK develop a new generation of nuclear power stations.

The Daily Telegraph 3rd March 2008

Bluebells flower earlier due to climate change
03/03/2008  Paul Eccleston
Bluebells flower earlier due to climate change. Bluebells have flowered more than a month early in the latest manifestation of our changing climate. Send in your bluebell pictures Online survey of bluebells in the UK The traditional herald of Spring..

The Daily Telegraph 25th February 2008

Bottled water and the need for a carbon tax
25/02/2008 00:01PM GMT David Millward
All this nonsense about local food. I’m with Delia Smith on that one it’s frankly absurd for consumers to go round a supermarket looking for the most carbon-efficient sources of food. I believe that climate change is a threat to our environment ...read

The Daily Telegraph 15th February 2008

The climate is big business 15/02/2008 00:01AM GMT
Usage of water, which he believes has a very clear nexus with climate change. The chief executive announced at a World Wildlife Fund conference in Beijing that Coca-Cola aims to reach a stage of "complete water neutrality" in its operations so that they ...read

The Daily Telegraph 12th February 2008

Daily Telegraph - 12/02/2008 04:45PM GMT | Charles Clover, Environment Editor
The National Trust is giving its employees the day off on February 29 this year, on the condition that they spend their day carrying out a 12-page list of energy-saving chores to combat climate change.

The Guardian 8th February 2008

New rules for front gardens to fight floods
Guardian Unlimited, Friday February 8 2008
 Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent The government yesterday declared war on the traditional right of homeowners to cover their front gardens with asphalt, as part of a drive to save water and reduce the risk of flooding. ...more...

The Times 6th February 2008

It's all wind and whining
...3C rise in the world's temperature, leading to a global drop in cereal crops, putting 400 million more people...claim that wind farms on their own are the answer to global warming. But they are certainly part of it. However inefficient.....
Magnus Linklater
The Times - 06 Feb 2008

Daily Telegraph 5th February 2008

Christians told: Give up carbon for Lent
05/02/2008 00:01AM GMT | Paul Eccleston
Christians told: Give up carbon for Lent. "The scientific debate about the basic issue of climate change is over. Climate change is real. Evidence for it is to be seen in every corner of the globe. "Tearfund have sounded an urgent warning that climate ...read

Daily Telegraph 5th February 2008

Climate change 'tipping point' within 100 years
05/02/2008 00:01AM GMT | Paul Eccleston
Climate change 'tipping point' within 100 years. Key geographical features which play a major role in regulating the planet's climate system could be pushed past their "tipping point" within the next 100 years, according to a new study. Sunset in Antarctica: ...read

Daily Telegraph 5th February 2008

MPs call for more 'green taxes'
05/02/2008 00:01AM GMT | Charles Clover, Environment Editor
The climate change levy and the aggregates levy, but these are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Overall the Government has failed to match its 1997 commitment to increase the use of green taxes," he added. The committee heard that the proportion ...read

Daily Telegraph 5th February 2008

Carbon Fast: An act with impact
05/02/2008 00:01AM GMT | Hazel Southam
Climate change. So last year, people in Liverpool took part in the carbon fast for Lent. This year, the whole country gets the chance. "I've sat with elders in Africa, India and Central America and asked the question, Has the weather changed in your lifetime?" ...read

Daily Express 2nd February 2008

Prince Charles's wish: to save rainforests
03/02/2008 00:01AM GMT | Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter
Strengthen protected areas and develop new ways of valuing the forest for its climate role. A report published in December warned that a vicious cycle of climate change and deforestation could wipe out or severely damage nearly 60 per cent of the Amazon ...read

Daily Express 5th February 2008

Energy efficiency step-change? More like a soft shoe shuffle
05/02/2008 03:00PM GMT | Andrew Warren
factored into the 2003 policy. We knew then that indigenous fuel resources were declining. We knew then that climate change was a threat every bit as looming as international terrorism. We knew then the relative economics of pursuing different energy policy ...read

Daily Express 31st January 2008

Government not cutting CO2 emissions enough
31/01/2008 05:50PM GMT | Paul Eccleston
the Climate Change Bill makes a mockery of the Government's climate strategy. It's plane unfair to expect all the other sectors of the economy to play their part in the fight against climate change while aviation remains outside the law." Friends of the ...read

Daily Express 21st January 20088

Weirdest and most endangered creatures
21/01/2008 00:01AM GMT | Paul Eccleston
they are highly sensitive to factors such as climate change and pollution, which lead to extinction, and are a stark warning of things to come. "If we lose them, other species will inevitably follow. The EDGE programme strives to protect the world's forgotten ...read

Daily Express 18th January 2008

More Flood Warnings Hit Britain.
More Flood warnings in force. Residents wait in dread as more rain is forecast.

Resource recovery Forum  17th January 2008

UK - encouraging greener living - Defra publishes public attitudes research

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published a framework to encourage environmentally friendly behaviour among individuals and communities. The report pulls together evidence on public understanding, attitudes and behaviours and draws conclusions on the potential for behaviour change among members of the public.
Defra's environmental segmentation model is also included in the research. It divides the public into seven clusters, each sharing a distinct set of attitudes and beliefs towards the environment and is based on people's responses to a broad range of attitudinal questions as part of the 2007 Defra attitudes and behaviours survey.
The model will be used to improve Government's understanding of people's environmental attitudes, values and behaviours towards the environment. By defining the different motivations and barriers to pro-environmental behaviour, the model will help policy makers understand how to support different groups of people to take action.
The report identifies 12 headline behaviour goals based on a range of low/high impact and easy/hard behaviours which could potentially engage large numbers of people and others which would be more appropriate for targeting particular population groups.
The 12 headline behaviours are:

§                  use more efficient vehicles

§                  use your car less for short trips

§                  avoid unnecessary short haul flights

§                  use water responsibly

§                  install insulation / microgeneration

§                  manage your energy usage

§                  recycle more

§                  waste less food

§                  buy energy efficient products

§                  eat more food that is locally in season

§                  adopt a lower impact diet.

The report also looks at people's willingness to act on these headline goals. The results indicate that there are some behaviours, such as wasting less food and more responsible water usage, where most people are already willing and, in principle, able to act.
The more challenging behaviours, such as avoiding unnecessary flights or installing microgeneration for electricity, are those where there is relatively low willingness to act, or where there are external barriers to action.
Motivators and barriers vary across population groups and may change over time according to life stage and other individual circumstances. Common motivators for behaviour change include health or financial benefits, the 'feel good factor' and 'being part of something'. Common barriers include the need for activities to fit with people's current lifestyle and the difficulty of changing habits.

Defra's Framework for Pro-environmental Behaviours is designed to support policy development and implementation in Defra, in other Government departments and externally.

The research can be found at:


Daily Telegraph 9th January 2008

Energy woes before nuclear energy can help
08/01/2008 00:01AM GMT | Richard Fletcher
Energy woes before nuclear energy can help. Has Alistair Darling forgotten that he is no longer the Cabinet secretary in charge of Trade and Industry (or the Department for Business & Enterprise as his former ministry is now called)? The Chancellor generated ...read

Daily Telegraph 9th January 2008

Climate change the real New Hampshire story
 09/01/2008 04:00PM GMT | Adam Markham
In full The press hasn't reported on it but the real story from last night's election may be how important global warming was for the voters of New Hampshire and in particular, for John McCain's turnaround win . Protesters signs in the snow outside the ...read

Daily Telegraph 14th December 2007

United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali
14/12/2007 00:01AM GMT
The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali is a meeting of governments, non-government organisations and media. It is the start of international negotiations on the environment for a successor ...read

Daily Telegraph 12th December 2007

The Green Homes Concierge Service
12/12/2007 01:00PM GMT
While reducing the CO2 and other gases your home pumps into the environment. The Green Homes Concierge Service is the hassle-free way to reduce your carbon footprint - and your fuel bills. What impact will it have? The energy we use in our homes accounts ...read

Daily Telegraph 11th December 2007

Penguins now threatened by global warming
11/12/2007 05:01AM GMT | Paul Eccleston
Penguins now threatened by global warming. Global warming is threatening one of the most endearing symbols of Antarctica - the penguin. Four species of penguin are facing a dual threat from loss of nesting sites and a shortage of food. From left to right:  ...read

Resource Recovery Forum 27th November 2007

UK - local councils crucial to fighting climate change
The statistics underline the vital role local authorities can play in fighting climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, both through their own actions and by setting an example to the wider community..
The statistics showed that Nationally:-
45 % of the emissions were attributed to the industrial, commercial and public sector sources,
27 %  of the emissions were attributed to the domestic sector,
28 %  of the emissions were attributed to road transport.

The industrial, commercial and public sector has the highest share of emissions in 48 % of authorities. The road transport sector has the highest share in 31 per cent and the domestic sector the highest share in 21 % of authorities. The road transport sector has the lowest share in 46 % of authorities.
Overall, about 48 % of domestic end-user emissions come from gas use and 42 % are due to electricity consumption.
Domestic emissions are between 2.4 and 2.7 tonnes per person per year in about half of local authority areas.
The statistics aim to produce the most reliable and consistent breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions across the country, using nationally-available data.

The Sunday Times 25th November 2007

We must plunge into thisSian Griffiths  - Sunday Times

The Environment in your Pocket   DEFRA November 20077

A publication by DEFRA outlining what is happening in our Environment.
Some interesting facts and figures on temperatures and rainfall, such as:-
1. When asked about various actions that could be seen a potentially wasteful, almost a quarter of people said that they always or very often "keep the tap running when brushing their teeth", 18 per cent always or very often "leave the TV on standby overnight", 12 per cent "fill a kettle with more water than they'll use" and 11 per cent always or very often "leave their mobile phone charger switched on when not in use"
2. The long term central England temperature record shows that eight out of the ten years warmest years have occurred since 1990 and that the period from May to September 2006 was warmer that any equivalent period since the central England record began in 1659
3. In England and Wales in 2006, 2.3 million properties were estimated to be in an area at risk of flooding; for just over half a million of those the risk was considered to be significant
4.Total greenhouse gas emissions from the UK food chain are estimated to have been 116 million tonnes (CO2 equivalent) in 2004; over three-quarters of the emissions came from the food production and agriculture stages, the remainder came from net trade and household food use

Daily Telegraph 6th November 2007

Rainwater harvesting - green and cost effective
06/11/2007 01:00PM GMT | David Waller
92.41% Rainwater harvesting - green and cost effective. 'In my case, a pipe comes from downpipes off the gutter, goes into the tank and exits to the nearby dike, so if it's over full it flows into the dike That means I can get a reduction, but the water companies ...readd

Daily Telegraph 2nd November 2007

02/11/2007 04:00PM GMT | Paul Eccleston
the survey. It found most people claim that being 'green' is now the socially acceptable norm rather being an alternative lifestyle. One of the most powerful motivations for leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle was guilt about harming the

Daily Telegraph 30th October 2007

Labour issues yet another transport paper
Labour issues yet another transport paper. Commentary Anyone expecting detailed plans showing how Britain will deal with congestion and carbon emissions will have been disappointed. Would you support pay as you drive on motorways? Road charging main pillar ...read

Guardian 10th October 2007

Thair Shaikh
Britons produce more carbon emissions from air travel a head than any other country, a study reveals today, citing the country's predilection for low-cost airlines as a major factor. The average carbon emission for each British flyer was 603kg (95lb) a year, more than a third higher than Ireland in second place with 434kg and more than double that of the US at 275kg, in (...)

Daily Telegraph 9th October 2007

Chocolate bars to carry Carbon Footprint
09/10/2007 01:20PM BST    | Josephine Moulds
to persons and businesses arising from climate change include regulatory risk, physical risk, changes to purchasing practices and so on." As a result, he said the financial services sector would have to include the possible impact of climate change in ...read

Tesco boss calls for carbon footprint on goods
09/10/2007 08:31PM BSTT  | Josephine Moulds
taxes, or planning regulations to fight climate change. People feel overtaxed and over-regulated as it is. "No, we need to green our existing taxes and regulation. Better still, we should replace them with new ones that promote green behaviour and penalise ....read

Daily Telegraph 21st Aug 2007

It's no breeze making switch to wind power
21/08/2007 00:01AM BST | Christine Webb
during a power cut." At £1,498, including installation, the windmill seems good value, and may attract a 30 per cent grant. Wind speeds have been increased by global warming, and the British Wind Energy Association says the UK could become a world leader  ...read

Daily Telegraph 20th Aug 2007

Solar photovoltaic panels could lead to cheques from your electricity supplier
20/08/2007 05:00PM BST | David Waller
in Iran and Iraq for 10 years carrying out archaeological digs. "It didn't seem fair that the lives of the nomads in the area were being destroyed by the impact of global warming when they were not causing the problem. ...read

Daily Telegraph 10th Aug 2007

10/08/2007 00:01AM BST | David Millward
The carbon footprint of Polish plumbers. Every August, flying becomes a battle. If we're not fighting our way to the departure gate, we're fighting for our luggage. But this year there will be a few thousand different people on the battlefield, otherwise

Daily Telegraph 10th Aug 2007

The low-carbon economy
10/08/2007 00:01AM BST | Andrew Cave
The low-carbon economy. What does a truly low-carbon economy look like and what does the UK need to do to become one? Andrew Cave explains Responsible businesses are reducing their carbon footprints and lowering their impact on the environment but transforming ...read

09/08/2007 05:00PM BST | Fred Pearce
million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. That makes it Britain's second biggest global warmer - after Drax power station. And now BAA is talking about a SIXTH terminal. Will I be at the protest? I fear that until I mend my ways it ...readd

Daily Telegraph 9th Aug 2007

09/08/2007 07:00PM BST | Roger Highfield, Science Editor
Global warming forecast predicts rise in 2014. Here is the climate forecast for the next decade; although global warming will be held in check for a few years, it will come roaring back to send the mercury rising before 2014. Overall warming trend is driven

Daily Telegraph 8th Aug 2007

Extreme weather warnings pre-empted floods
08/08/2007 00:30PM BST | staff and agencies
92.41% predicted that global warming would lead to an increase in extreme weather events. “The start of the year 2007 was a very active year in terms of extreme climatic and meteorological events,” said Omar Baddour, a climatologist with the World Meteorological  ...readd

Daily Telegraph 7th Aug 2007

Al Gore alleges climate change misinformation
07/08/2007 05:00PM BST | agencies
Al Gore alleges climate change misinformation. A huge public misinformation campaign funded by some of the world's largest carbon polluters is aimed at disputing the scientific consensus on global warming, former US Vice President Al Gore has claimed. ...read

Daily Telegraph 31st July 2007

Buying local and fair trade don't mix
31/07/2007 03:40PM BST | Fred Pearce
and productive. Yet greens want to ostracise these farmers, because of the carbon footprint of importing their produce. I don't deny the carbon footprint of the 747s packed with beans that fly every night from Nairobi to Heathrow. But it turns out that   ...read

Daily Telegraph 23rd July 2007

23/07/2007 00:01AM BST | Paul Eccleston
to cut their own carbon footprint; Airlines must make it easier for passengers to buy offsets; The Government should compel the most carbon-intensive businesses to offer offset services; Individuals should be given a compulsory-choice option for offsetting 

Daily Telegraph 27th July 2007

Beyond energy efficiency
27/07/2007 00:01AM BST | Andrew Cave
to reducing products' carbon levels over two years. If the carbon footprint of a product with a carbon reduction label does not fall over a two-year period, the label is withdrawn. But why should businesses be worrying about carbon footprints? Carbon Trust ...read

Daily Telegraph 16th July 2007

Want to be green and happy? Move to Iceland
16/07/2007 00:01AM BST  | Paul Eccleston
consumption are very low or high. Its main findings included: Europe is less carbon efficient now than it was 40 years ago in delivering relatively long and happy lives for its citizens. Its carbon footprint is growing rather than shrinking. Europe is ...readd

The Times 6th July 2007

Al Gore - he’s hot
...how to stop putting all this global-warming pollution into the air is really...China, is the largest source of global-warming pollution in the world. What...Americans wake up and believe that global warming is real before it’s.....

Arnie's aides 'undermining green policy'
05/07/2007 00:01AM BST  |  Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles
aides were interfering with the board's enactment of aggressive climate change policies he has touted across the world. They spoke out after the board, an independent agency, voted to ask the federal government for an 11-year extension to the deadline,...readd

The Guardian 3rd July 2007

MPs: Climate bill should go further The climate change bill does not go far enough in cutting emissions, a panel of MPs warned today.

Daily Telegraph 3rd July 2007

Public 'in denial' about climate change
03/07/2007 00:05AM BST  | Paul Eccleston
Public 'in denial' about climate change. The UK is in denial about the consequences of global warming, new research reveals. There was reluctance among the public to change their lifestyles Although the majority of people accept the climate is changing, ...read

Daily Telegraph 2nd July 2007

Live Earth set to change world on climate
02/07/2007 00:01AM BST  | Paul Eccleston
under the Make Poverty History banner. But both could be dwarfed by the latest attempt to address a global audience - this time focusing on climate change - once again using rock concerts as a conduit. Live Earth could attract as many as half the people, ...read

Daily Telegraph 2nd July 2007

Carbon Trust hits back over small firms
02/07/2007 00:01AM BST  |  Richard Tyler
Carbon Trust hits back over small firms. The body paid by the Government to help firms reduce their carbon emissions has hit back at criticism from the British Chambers of Commerce that it is failing small businesses. David Frost: Carbon Trust had "failed"...read

Daily Telegraph 26th June 2007

Charles cuts the carbon, but gets £1m pay rise
27/06/2007 00:01AM BST  |  Caroline Davies
425-tonne carbon footprint by paying £10 per tonne of CO² to the offsetting agency Climate Care. But, as almost a third of his footprint is from official travel, the cost of offsetting that portion will be borne by the taxpayer. The cut in CO² emissions...read

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