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What are your Green Policies?

Renewable Energy Carbon Offset Projects

Examples of our Verified Offset Projects

BrazilHydro Power Generation
The objective of this project is to reduce the emissions through the displacement of fossil fuels through clean renewable power generation. The project generates clean energy from a run-of-the-river small-scale hydroelectric power plant. Brazil’s electricity matrix expansion is moving towards a larger participation of thermal power generation and therefore an increased importance of renewable sources like this project.

India – Wind Power Generation
The project activity displaces the electricity that would have been generated from burning fossil fuels through the installation of a series of wind farms, which produce 100% clean power from a renewable source. The project is in an area where the power sector is dominated by coal, which poses threats to energy security as well as the environment. The project assists in the sustainable development of India and the local State in large by reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, reducing local air pollution, providing emission free clean electricity and providing employment to rural people both during the construction phase and the entire lifetime of the project.

In all, they will be an assets for many years to come, they will of course help the local community and more importantly 'THE WORLD'

Use our Carbon Footprint Calculator to establish your Carbon Footprint!

When you consider that the typical British carbon footprint is 10.92 tonnes per person (Environment Agency) and we need to reduce that by 20% by 2012 and 60% by 2050 we have got a lot to do.

If you wish, you can offset some or all of your emissions here or simply sponsor a tree.


The more you choose to offset.
The more we look for new needs

To Order your Carbon Offsets

There are 3 ways to buy your offset.

1. Go to Carbon Footprint Calculator and follow the calculator through to it's conclusion.
2. If you know what you want please click here Carbon Offset.
3. If you need to speak to someone please click here. Contact Us

Thank you.

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