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Wind Generation - Facts in brief...

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Wind Turbines

What we do
We supply and install a range of small wind turbines to suit different locations and power requirements. We have worked on farms, country estates, small holdings, schools and domestic properties, successfully harnessing our country’s natural resource, wind, to provide electricity.

A typical small office uses around 15000 kilowatt hours (kWhs) of electricity every year. Generating this energy from non-renewable energy sources releases 6.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Domestic homes are responsible for 28% of the UK’s CO2 emissions.

Why Wind Power
According to the BWEA, the UK has the best wind resource in Europe, an asset that has the potential to provide a considerable proportion of the UK energy market in years to come. The DTI estimates that by 2050, up to 30-40% of UK's electricity generation could be produced by small and microgeneration technologies, including 6% from small wind energy generation.

Small wind turbines generate clean, renewable energy and produce no harmful emissions

Installation Process
We can help throughout the installation process, from site survey, to check a location is suitable, to completion. We also provide guidance on planning permission and grant application.

Do I have enough wind at my location?
Wind speeds will vary throughout the year so an estimated annual average is used to assess a location (AMWS) this should be at least 5 m/s. We can provide you with a wind assessment of your site.

Wind speeds are influenced by obstructions, such as trees and buildings and local topography. Height of the turbine tower also plays an important role.

Which Turbine?
We can supply and install all top of the range turbines (Fortis, Iskra, Westwind) and will provide statistics and output charts for each model to ensure we install the best turbine for your location. Different locations require different sized towers, subject to local area, obstructions, topography and planning restrictions. We can install towers from 6 -23 m.

Power Supply
Your electricity supply will still come from the national Grid, ensuring a continued supply of electricity for when your needs outstrip turbine output. Surplus power produced by the turbine will be exported to the grid and you will be paid for any extra.

The perfect location for a wind turbine is on a South West facing slope, with no obstructions within 200m. This would take advantage of prevailing winds and wind flow will not be compromised by obstructions. However, in reality there are many ways to overcome obstructions, such as tower height, position and make of turbine.

Planning authorities vary in their requirements, such as distance from neighbours for visual and noise reasons. Turbines do emit some noise, depending on size, we can advise on suggested distances for each make and size.

Prices vary from size of turbine, tower, installation.


The BERR funded low carbon buildings programme offers grants to help with the costs of installing a solar PV panels, with up to 2,500 available for domestic properties. Grants are also available for non-profit community projects and schools.

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